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Services, the immediate messenger service created to grant you the solution you have been waiting for.

Why is this company UNIQUE?
We are a courier company specializing in express delivery and concierge services with "MOTORCYCLES".
Our service is more than just "same day delivery"; we call it "Right NOW Courier Service". We work with a fleet of Harley Davidson motorcycles specially equipped with thermal boxes that allow us to transport small packages of up to 70 lbs including packages that need to conserve HOT or COLD temperatures

What is our Competitive Edge?
It's the type of transportation that we use. Our "MOTORCYCLES" place us in the market as a TOP COMPETITOR, creating a NEW KIND OF BUSINESS. The
"Right NOW Courier Service". We offer 3 important benefits for you to choose from:

1) The most QUICK and EFFECTIVE service: No delays to pick up your order. Service on demand, Non dependant on other deliveries, truck load, etc.
2) The CHEAPEST service: We market "LOW COST" guaranteed thanks to our vehicles that allow us to minimize costs and give you quality for less.
3) VEHICLES THERMALLY equipped: Our motorcycle fleet has insulated trunks allowing us to keep your orders cold or hot if needed. "It is our pledge to be the quickest service you'll find to satisfy your needs "

Who are our costumers?
Any person who needs to send something or delegate an errand, from delivering groceries and medications to transporting packages for all working professionals saving everyone time and money. The main reason our costumer should choose our service is we treat all our deliveries as an "URGENT DELIVERY" 90% of our costumers need to solve something immediately and don't have time to waste. Need a SOLUTION RIGHT AWAY? We call it " AN EXTRA HAND"

What do we deliver?
Our specialty is "small packages" such as: documents, presents, promotional items, printings, groceries, medications, medical results, blueprints, take out food, etc. as long as it fits in a 27 x 27 x 27 and does not exeed 70 pounds. But not to worry!!! If your package weighs more than 70 pounds or it's dimensions are bigger, we have a
Cargo Van / Truck services" that allow us to load any cargo for the best price in the market.




 We service
  Miami Dade , Broward and
   West Palm Beach


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